Join us for a FREE adventure challenge into immersing yourself in the world of nature. Together, we’ll embrace intentional solitude, hiking & explore for sheer pleasure, and the spirit of adventure.

Let’s go on an adventure.

This one will take you beyond everything you’ve known. It will open doors. It will challenge your deepest held values and beliefs and clarify what you really think is important. It will pull you into a deeper relationship with nature intelligence and yourself.

It will take you home to yourself and your unique Trail of Adventure.

You may be wondering what gear you need. It’s nothing fancy. Your willing attitude, your walking shoes, your journal + pen, your backpack of basics, and the wild. Nothing more, nothing less.

Solvitur Ambulando (latin: it is solved by walking).



6 pages of notes later…

I have had much feedback and assistance regarding my new venture into entrepreneurship, but none can even begin to match my experience recently with Holly LaRochelle. She uses the Akashic Records in a most unique and uplifting way.

During the business reading, I was given information that was clear, concise, uplifting, and truly personal. I have six pages of notes on what to do to hone in my preparation for a new class launching in five months.

Holly is friendly, clear, compassionate, and accurate. I am honoured and blessed to have had this connection with her. To say helpful is not enough. It was amazing and highly accurate.

Susan Brochin

Find your perfect essence

Meet Holly,
Founder of Trail of Adventure

They say that who you are at 6 years old is who you truly are. My 6 year old self roamed wild in the forest and beach with sunstreaked hair, bare feet, and pockets of sea shells, plants and rocks.

What I knew the best was my backyard.  I chatted and climbed trees. I chased frogs, climbed trees, learned from sand dunes, and could whistle with cat tails.

I roamed freely, content to listen to and observe the plants, animals and trees that were my playmates. 

Me now isn’t so much different …

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