Options for Working with Me

Business Midwifing – let’s build it together

Need a savvy digital marketer and all-around Digital Girl Friday to work within your business to bring your next idea into fruition?

Let’s have a coffee or herbal tea and figure out if we are a good fit to work together on your project. Book a no-obligation 30-minute coffee call and I’ll bring my deep listening skills, clarity and reflection to your next big idea and how to make it real.

Exploration Session.

A 90-minute Zoom reading in the Akashic Records to help you navigate crossroads in your life or business.

During an exploration session, we open the Akashic Records, and ask questions. You get to decide the questions you wish to ask. The session will be recorded and you will be sent the recording after the meeting.

Flower Essence Exploration.

An exploration to see what healing protocol and/or flower essences in our collection can support you the best at this time. 

We use our intense questionnaire to test body systems, major chakras, minor chakras, psychological states, miasms, cellular level, meridians and nadis, subtle bodies and the light body.

Afterward, we email you the results including a brochure with suggested essences, healing protocol & any channelled messages we receive.