What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are a dynamic connection between the soul + human awareness in the moment.

Connecting with the Akashic Records allows us to be connected to our unbreakable, divine connections – our Soul Point connection to All That Is, and our Earth Connection to the balance of the natural (nature) intelligence.

Our divine connections provide balance between the soul, the physical body and the creative dynamic movement of universal life force. The Records allow us to come into awareness and contact with this balance.

Exploring within the Akashic Records offers unique experiences for each individual. The flows of energy come based on intentions, expectations and needs. Each opening provides a unique moment of attention that can provide illumination, healing, guidance.

Okay, say that again in English.

The Akashic Records provide us a way to get in touch with our higher self, and much assistance!

We’re able to go into the Records, and work within the flow of energy that comes at our highest level, and highest benefit. Consider this like the energetic super highway, and through each dynamic connection you’re able to access what you need in the moment, whatever it may be. It’s like riding an energetic wave, when you’re in the Records, but also once you close the Records, this is often a time of great creativity, and inspiration.

Consider each trip into the Record, an exploration. Although you do go armed with my intentions, and questions, the path sometimes takes you to places beyond your wildest expectations, especially when you ask broad questions. I recommend to reserve some time after each exploration to get grounded, and also to journal, sketch and capture impressions, pictures, and feelings of what happened.

Exploring in the Akashic Records is never boring!





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