A 21-day journey back to yourself.

The Trail

Does this sound familiar?

There is a catalytic event or change in your life that causes you to wake up.  It could be any number of things – but it has rocked your world as you know it, but one thing is for sure – life as you know it can’t continue the way it’s going.

You don’t know much – but you know you’re not where you want to be. You start to realize what is really HARD for you to do, day in and day out. You are feeling the pain of this change in your world, grief from the losses, and slightly sulky. You rage a little internally and externally at the world. 

You feel the strong call of more. But you have absolutely no idea what that ‘more’ is. All you know is that you’re destined for bigger things than what you’ve currently got going on. You have no idea on how to get from here to the over-there – that BIG life that you’re dreaming of for yourself. All you know is it’s further down the Trail then you are now.

What if you could....

Get rid of the empty + unsatisfied feeling by
being brave enough to step into your life as a co-creator

Step into living a life aligned with your own unique style (wild + free, baby!)

Tap back into your intuition to make the way forward clear 

Create daily rituals to keep you grounded all the time

Ask your questions + receive wisdom from seekers walking the same path as you


Introducing the Trail

The good news is when we know what we don’t want – we know what we do want. The Trail is a 21-day immersive journey for seekers ready to start the journey towards embracing the life you truly want – that other one that lives in your soul and shines with the light, joy and fun you want so much! 

The details:

  • We gather once a week, live.
    Our weekly gathering takes place on Zoom. Each gathering will open with a meditation, and then plenty of time for each member to share.You are in control of how you would like to be supported. Before you begin sharing, you can state your preference on how you’d like us to respond to you.
  • Every two days emails, weekly workbooks.
    I send you every other day inspiring messages to keep you energized. I send a weekly workbook to keep you journalling to the center of the good stuff! 

You’re not here by ACCIDENT.

You’re here because you’re ready for real growth and long-lasting change. 
You’re ready to let go of all that is. You crave a different life – your unique version of the wild + free life.
You’re not sure it’s even possible – but IT IS SO POSSIBLE, and it’s the life you’re meant for.
The only question left is – are you brave enough to lace up your shoes and walk this trail with me?


WTF do you know about this?

Hey, I’m Holly and this is a trail of growth that I know intimately. It’s time to shove on your sneakers, pop in your ear phones and load up your backpack. Come walk this trail with me.

I used to be where you are, and now I know better. Allow yourself to learn from my experiences and failures to shorten your learning gap.

I’ve had some radical transitions over the last 8 years in my life – from moving 3,500 km away from my hometown, quitting my government “job for life”, to having 2 beautiful children, and being on incredible health journey.

I’ve gone from stressed out, no emotions, to do list everything gal to free-flowing, full of love & tears entrepreneur mom who can go to school events in the middle of the day.

I’ve also made small barely there changes like letting my hair go to it’s natural glitter streaks, learning how to dress like the badass I am, and listening deeply to what is not said with my natural empath skills.

I’ve got what it takes to walk alongside you and guide you with my lantern and help you light up your own. Come go wild with me, and we’ll work together in a small group of dedicated seekers who want to grow. 

    Come join us.

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    The Trail is for you if:

    • You’re ready for long-lasting change.
    • You’re not afraid to change up your daily routine.
    • You’re at a critical part where your old life isn’t working anymore.
    • You can devote 20-minutes a day to yourself & make this a priority (pinky swear!)
    • You want to achieve personal growth & shorten the gap of learning from a teacher who’s been there.
    • You want to find your way back to trusting your intution and reconnecting with yourself.