Questions to Ask in the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records

Asking Questions in the Akashic Records

First off, know that there are no stupid questions.

There are no stupid questions you can ask. Any and all questions are welcome and will not be judged. The simplest questions or most general questions can yield surprising results within the Akashic Records. Don’t dismiss or judge the questions that bubble up for you. There’s no right way to ask a question – you can ask it in any way that feels right to you. Be as clear as you can be.

What types of questions can’t be answered in the Akashic Records?

The only question that is not answered in the Akashic Records is the question that is not asked. Therefore, even if you have a niggle, an emotion, or a small piece of something you’d like to explore, please verbalize it. Since the Records respond to your intention, these can still yield new trails and places to explore.

How do I come up with questions to ask in the Akashic Records?

Before you go into any Akashic session, please journal.

See if you can get to an intention on what you want to focus on. Write down a few questions if you can.

Here are a few questions to prompt you:
What would you like to explore, clarify, or understand?
Where do you need closure?
Where do you feel fatigue, anger, fear, or pain?
What do you want to let go of?
What doesn’t make sense?

Broad vs. Specific Questions

We can ask really broad questions:
What do I need to know about xx right now?
Tell me more about…..

These broad questions can really open the field to let more possibilities fly in than what you’ve considered. If you’re at a crossroads, or you’re at a point where you’re looking for expansion, exploring a topic, or creating a piece of creative work that just seems LARGE – this can be really helpful, and bring you a path to begin to follow your nose on.

We can also ask really specific questions:
In what moon cycle would it be in my highest good to complete xx project?
Is it in my highest benefit to work with xx right now?

We can ever ask questions with yes | no answers for a definitive answer. A pendulum or body muscle testing (kinesiology testing) can help us in this.


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