Align with your natural rhythm and creative flow

Yes, even while (especially while)
building and growing your business

Dear Wild One,

I made a really conscious decision to explode my marketing business back in 2019. 

I walked up the stream because I believed the way we were doing business as women was seriously wrong.

And I want to tell you about it.

I had achieved what all the marketers sell you 

The 6 figures, the monthly income. I had regular clients. I attended the networking events, in my little blazer and cute boots. I had even spoken on stage about marketing.

I really liked working with women entrepreneurs, but again and again they came to me with their new ideas, what they were yearning for in these businesses they had built. These women had so many great ideas, these creative ideas that would really shake things up.

I cannot remember one single conversation where they didn’t say but after their idea. 

This is why I threw my hand-painted sign into the fire.

This is why I brought my desk home.

Why I would spend the next 3 years on a serious quest.

I walked up the stream because I believed the way we were doing business as women was seriously wrong.

What were we missing? 

It came down to two main things:

We are dismissing intuition and natural rhythm.

We are dismissing our creative nudges, our intuitions and ignoring working with nature to create more natural rhythms. We have forgotten to flow in imagination and create in the realm of non physical before we make it real.  We didn’t use the creative force that everyone with a womb has. We were forcing, hustling and brain-ing everything.

What we can do instead:

We can find our own business’ Wheel of the Year, project creation cycle and make a daily practice. We can ask for support from the non-physical realms to put this together to bring it to its highest form. We learn how to our own 28-day (ish) energy cycles to use the creative force we own. We can use flower essences to help support our creative journeys. 

Each business is as unique as a fingerprint.

There’s no easy button, no “just following my framework”.  I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to make my creative work fit into a box. It doesn’t fit. 

Each project that has a seed of something new, something revolutionary has to build a new scaffolding – a new framework. This is deeply creative, artistic and personal work that doesn’t fit within the moulds of what we’ve been taught about how to do business.

We must decide to be brave enough to step into new models of art, collaboration and transformation with deep listening.

That’s the magick.

That’s the alchemy.

You have all the pieces within to do this. You’re smart enough to do this. You’re savvy enough to do this. You’re techy enough to do this. Let’s collaborate, help each other, and build it together in this Accelerator.

You deserve the freedom to pursue a passionate business, run it in your own availability according to your schedule, and have it be filled with tasks you want to do, customers you love to serve, and revenue that allows you to contribute to your household. 

I really believe that.

And my mission is to get more amazing women into the business arena and change it. It’s time.

I invite you on this adventure to build a  better business through this 13-week accelerator process that helps you build the energy work, the physical assets together. This program is a marriage of a bad-ass digital marketer, and an alchemist of the Akashic Records.

Come go wild with me,

Holly LaRochelle


The Inspired Business Collective

Moving creative ideas from energy into form

A sacred community space to communicate and share ideas

A speaker of truth to ensure the highest intent

A witness and sage of the creative process to clarify and refine

A marketer to communicate the message

“Creative coworking has been a winning combination of community, inspiration, reflection and productivity for me.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I have time carved out throughout the week to focus on my own goals and maintain momentum.

The folks involved can also be a helpful sounding board, unblocking me when I need a little push. As a solopreneur, I’m so grateful to have found this group!”

Nicole Jackson



There are 6 distinct sub-personalities/archetypes within creating deep creative work, and building and refining businesses.

Throughout our time together, you’ll develop and come to know, embrace and strengthen each Archetype within yourself.

Learns to sets the energy to begin the co-creative experiment & connects with devas and guides for support.

Speaking to your wise self who has already been on the adventure & the journey to becoming her.

Diving into the depths of your project through curiousity, exploration and following your intuitive nudges.

Building the just-enough technology scaffolding that invites others into your finished project.

Weaving and sewing the exploration threads together into a strong project.

Telling the stories of your adventures around the digital campfire.


Monthly Deep Dive Group Meetings: We’ll meet each week via Zoom for 60 minutes to discuss the month ahead. Each group participant will have the opportunity to ask 4 questions from your Akashic Records to help you navigate your creative process. 

Creative Co-Working Sessions: We’ll meet 2x times a week to focus on taking action. These focused co-working sessions help you zoom in on one action and do it over the course of 2 x 25 minute Pomodoro periods where we work together over Zoom.

Video Check-In: You’ll have access to me through video messaging that I check regularly, so that you’re always seen and supported even outside of our calls. I will sketch, riff, and journal responses as you share.

Flower Essence Collection: I’ll send you the 6 alchemical essences to help you embody each of the Archetypes to support you through the creative process of the Accelerator.

About Who You Are

You’re a woman, who has a deep familiarity and kinship with the natural world. You engage in hiking, walking, or outdoor pursuits on a regular basis.

You’re ready to use your creativity in service of a vision for something different.

You’re a strong visual creator and you frequently use Pinterest boards, mixed media collages, drawing to help you figure out your path.

You have a long-standing relationship with creating around visual and literary arts, such as (but not limited to) photography, filmmaking, or writing.

You’re curious, eclectic and use your maturity and intelligence to draw from many traditions of practice for what works for you.

About Your Project

You’re ready to birth something entirely new into the world.

You’re working on a fabulous new brand, a product, course, or a project series.

You’re committed and deeply engaged to it for at least the next year.

It’s time to go wild and align

Join the next intake

The Inspired Business Collective

Moving creative ideas from energy into form

Curriculum: 6 subpersonalities / Archetypes

Monthly deep dive group meeting

Course library – 12 monthly modules

Creative co-working sessions

Video check-ins

Flower Essence Collection

Pay in full

CAD $2,500

3 x payments of

CAD $833

My website was a mess.

Holly came in and helped clarify my vision and guided me to see past the distractions.

Through our daily interactions, she helped me recognize what was important to me and helped redesign my website accordingly.

With her insight, I have been able to translate my vision into tangible, achievable goals.

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma