Dear potential Trail Blazer,

I’m sitting down with my coffee at the kitchen table to type out this letter to you about the Call to Adventure.

The call for adventure isn’t usually a phone call. Instead, it’s an awakening in your body, your intuition that calls you into the unknown. It’s not logical. It’s a feeling, a hunch, a faint glimmer in the darkness of a way to explore.

The most sad thing is, most people don’t answer the call. It feels too daunting, too difficult, too uncomfortable.

Joseph Campbell who wrote one path of a Hero’s Journey argues, “you can never be at peace with yourself if you do not answer the call for adventure.” Instead, he states you can only build up resentment in the knowledge that you missed the opportunity to pursue your purpose.

If you’ve heard and felt the Call to Adventure what it really means is that change is on the horizon. How you decide to respond to change is up to you.

Change equals movement plus adventure.

Change is the transitions that happens in our lives, and it causes movement in our minds, bodies and spirits and then we embark on grand adventures. I like to think about change as an adventure because when I go for an adventure, I prepare the best I can, however I’m usually met with situations that I didn’t prepare for. Adventure is entering on to a new trail into with a cheerful attitude, a backpack full of tools & nourishment, and a willingness to explore and get curious. Adventure happens outside of your comfort zone.

The thing about the Call of Adventure is you must respond. But how you respond is up to you – you can choose to refuse the Call to Adventure, or you can choose to take a deep breath and plunge yourself off the cliff into the wild unknown. So let’s explore both options.

What happens if you choose to refuse the Call.
This is playing it safe, staying put where you are, and refusing adventure on the grounds that you don’t know what will happen. It’s our default habit because it’s known, it’s already tangible to us. Refusing change means we don’t have to risk being vulnerable.   We don’t have to show up with a good attitude, we don’t have to pack our backpacks with nourishment or tools we’ve refined. We can just float along with our current self-soothing (and self sabotaging) methods – food, alcohol, drugs, shopping.

We are not curious at all – in fact, when we see different attitudes, ways or healthy adventure, we’re defensive. We lash out at the people who are creating change and doing things differently, because it’s safer to stay in our unawareness. Over time, this turns into unhealthy outcomes like depression, addiction, debt and weight gain.

Digging deeper under refusing the Call is really just fear of the unknown.  Fear of the unknown means you’re afraid of anything that outside of your comfort zone, anything that might be perceived as strange or foreign. And well, that’s everything beyond what you’ve already done.

Needless to say, when we are going after our dreams, we are going to encounter this fear of the unknown. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, she explains this as that on every adventure you’re embarking on – you have Fear & Creativity in the car with you. Fear is a part of the journey, and we can’t ignore the fact it’s coming along with us. But we can make sure that Fear is in the backseat and not driving!

So what if we accept the Call to Adventure.
If we accept, we’re going to take a deep breath and step into the unknown. We are going to have to work through our feelings of fear, and discomfort. We will have to blow the dust off the compasses within us – the glimmer of our intuition, our gut feelings, our curiousity that can guide us. We may have to pick up our creative tools, and begin to build a vision of what we truly want. We will focus on Making Our Own Way, and re-learning our own Creative Process.

I want to assure you that you are never alone on this path. I’m here for you every step of the way.

So where do you want to start?

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Long live your Adventure.

Holly LaRochelle

Founder, Trail of Adventure