Clarity, guidance + healing.

Akashic Record Readings

You want to believe you’re taking the right path.

But it’s hard to know what that right path is, especially when life is feeling really really scary; transitions abound, and you’re stressing, dreading, hesitating while you weigh all the alternatives and choices you have in front of you.

No matter what challenge you’re facing, the Akashic Records can help.

What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are a dynamic connection between the soul + human awareness in the moment.

Connecting with the Akashic Records allows us to be connected to our unbreakable, divine connections – our Soul Point connection to All That Is, and our Earth Connection to the balance of the natural (nature) intelligence.

Our divine connections provide balance between the soul, the physical body and the creative dynamic movement of universal life force. The Records allow us to come into awareness and contact with this balance.

Exploring within the Akashic Records offers unique experiences for each individual. The flows of energy come based on intentions, expectations and needs. Each opening provides a unique moment of attention that can provide illumination, healing, guidance.

Readers within the Akashic Records hold a sacred space, that allows your unique energy flow to be witnessed, and the truth to be spoken to you.

Below are the Reading sessions offered at this time.


Akashic Record Reading

Let’s go on an adventure together. The purpose of Akashic Record Readings is to provide enlightenment from the Soul Point to Trail Blazers. In this 60 minute Akashic Record Reading, you can ask questions on a topic you’d like healing, clarity, direction or guidance on.

This session could benefit anyone:
-Seeking healing for physical, emotional or spiritual conflicts
-Looking to clarify their path forward in a crossroad (coming-of-age, leaving home for the first time, marriage, birth, divorce, new job, etc.)
-Hitting resistance, or fear that is puzzling
-Relationship dynamics with money, business, family, significant relationships.

Nature Reading

Let’s connect you with the eco-system that you are living, working and playing within. The purpose of a Nature Reading is to talk and collaborate directly with Nature, Pan, the Devas, the plants and other natural forms within your ecosystem. In this 60 minute session, we open the Akashic Record of the piece of land that you want to collaborate with and ask the questions that you wish to know.

This session would benefit anyone:
-Considering buying a new property or piece of land
-Designing any kind of garden, or built structure within an ecosystem
-Working in biodynamic farming, ranching or forestry
-Designing landscaping, or working with the Earth for others